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Caring for your artificial jewellery

1. Keep it away from water-

The moisture tarnishes the polish and makes the piece look older and worn out much sooner. Kindly remove before a shower and while you are washing utensils or clothes by hand.


2. Save it from perfumes-

Perfumes, deos, etc contain alcohol and that erodes the polish on these pieces,


3. Use a soft cloth with a mild detergent to clean the piece.

Obvious but avoid scrubbing the piece with sandpaper or utensil cleaning scrub.


4. Keep it in the boxes and additional pouches we send you with the piece.

We ensure that all pieces have a pouch (plastic) that you can use to store the piece safely within the box we send you.


5. Lastly and most importantly - Smile every few hours when you look at it

This has no impact on the jewellery itself however ensures that you look beautiful wearing it always.